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Web Design Services: Is there really a cheap but quality web design service?

When it comes to web design services, you are often torn between a cheap service that provides fast results and a slower but more quality service package. Of course, we all like quality service, but the best outputs always come at a price. To add to that dilemma, you only have limited budget funds to spend.

So the question remains: is there really a cheap but quality web design service?

The answer is both a yes and a no.

Web design is not really an easy task. It requires both talent and skill to come up with a decent web design product, may it be a template or a custom-built page. With this at hand, you have options on how to grab great service without having to spend too much.

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Some tips to find the balance between cheap and high quality web design services are:

  1. Custom-made or a pre-made template? There are instances where you can score an affordable web design service if you opt for a pre-made template, instead of starting from scratch. There are a lot of pre-made templates that can be customized with additional features, and this would cut the costs of your web design services.

This can cut your expenses for up to 50%, especially when you’re only after a clean and sleek design for your website.

  1. Type of platform you’re using. There are different website platforms available today, and the less common you choose to use, the more expensive the costs would be. This is because the more common the platform, the more tools and expertise the web designer has to build your site.

Let’s take for example WordPress and Joomla. If you’re after a custom-built site, then you may go for a Joomla-based structure. However, since Joomla is less common than WordPress, you may find it harder to spot a designer to do the job, thus the extra costs. On the other hand, if you choose WordPress, then the more designers you can find and pick the one who can do the job right.

  1. Local vs. Overseas. Here’s the thing: it’s cheaper to outsource the web design job rather than hire a specific person to do the task on a regular basis. And sometimes it’s also cheaper to get someone overseas to work on your web design rather than relying on the neighbourhood guy.

However, going with someone local can also give you extra perks. For example, if you hire a web designer in Davao to work on your site that caters to a local market, then you not only receive a product that caters to your needs, but also a design that projects how you want your business to reach your target audience. This is because the designer knows the kind of viewers you want to engage with on a more local perspective, unlike that of a designer overseas.

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